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Development of custom applications

We build the energy industry-oriented applications, easy usability and understanding. Our main goal is to provide a tangible added value, to ensure that their projects meet expectations, requirements and defined scope. We focus on your needs and translate them into good business experiences.

  • Design, development and implementation of database.
  • Desktop development, Web and mobile.
  • Integration and deployment of software tools.
  • Custom content management.
  • Implementation of technology and tools of the art in each of our developments.
  • Development of plug-ins for PETREL

    We develop specialized applications (plugins) integrated to the PETREL® platform based on a characteristic or a specific process identified in conjunction with the end user; We extend and complement the capabilities of the PETREL® creating plugins that facilitate processes, methodology, times of operation and delivery of results.

  • We create modules that add functionality to the PETREL® platform.
  • Improving user experience and navigation of the user within your process within the PETREL® platform.
  • Plugins allow you to add functionality quickly and easily.
  • We enrich the possibilities and improving the user experience.
  • Technical data of exploration & production management

    We offer advice and consultancy in the implementation for the structure of administration of technical data for the energy industry, permitiendo a nuestros clientes y socios mejorar sus prácticas y mecanismos de integración e intercambio de datos.

  • Improvements in the analysis and review of the results of each project.
  • Definition of the data processing through the workflow.
  • Delivery of data and information in standard formats.
  • Implementation mechanism of integration and exchange of information.
  • Generation of reports for compliance with regulatory agencies.