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Welldone DB

Intelligent platform that allows to analyze operational problems in drilling wells and interventions that integrates the information for the analysis of non-productive time of completion, repair and operating performance in boreholes. It also provides statistics, studies, and a complete file structuring intervention activities, the distribution of their times as well as the stages of drilling.

  • Evaluation and performance of the intervention programs.
  • Optimization to the design of new programmes of intervention to Wells.
  • Guide dynamics operating monitoring of intervention.
  • Database of the operational activity of an intervention.
  • FortWare

    System to ensure the guidelines of operation in the processes and equipment of high risk and its relationship with the variables of the business for the fulfilment of the NOM-028 in the energy sector.

  • Analysis and lifting equipment and the installation processes.
  • Linking of computers, processes and critical personnel with elements of standard and data associated with the profitability.
  • Update and status of the elements and indicators of processes and critical equipment and business variables.
  • Identification of equipment, processes and personnel critical in the installation processes.
  • Dashboard for monitoring and results processes and critical equipment as well as the performance of the KPI´S.
  • Galapago Save

    Plug-in for the Petrel® platform that automates the process of receipt of their projects specialist, brindando un mejor manejo y control de los mismos. Gets automatically a summary of the characteristics of the project streamlining the process times; In addition it allows to generate and view report of each backup and export to multiple formats (doc, pdf, xls, etc.).

  • Allows managing of georeferencing of every project.
  • It decreases the likelihood of errors can be automated.
  • Allows you to locate and classify files to be included in the receipt.
  • Hendu

    GIS platform for data management and delivery of reports on projects for the exploitation of hydrocarbons, allowing the user to geographically locate their projects and nimbly manage documentation relating to contracts (area, Well), efficiently manages the information generated in field (daily production), to integrate it into a "dashboard" specialized for the development and delivery of reports requested by regulatory agencies.

  • Database standardized according to the model proposed by the PPDM.
  • Security Module (Cryptography) and platform management, for the proper treatment of confidential data hosted on the same.
  • GIS web platform with the location of projects (Active, site, well) According to the assignments of the company.
  • Web environment and friendly management of your information.
  • Regulation System

    App and web platform that helps to find and meet standards simply to comply with the guidelines of the main regulations in the use and management of water for the processes of extraction of hydrocarbons. Also coordinates the management of paperwork and you can monitor of form suitable as rates and keep them in the permitted levels.

  • Displays the contents of the rules by section or download the complete documents that contain.
  • Setting custom for the monitoring of parameters by company and location.
  • Search of the main procedures related to the use of water in the hydrocarbon sector.