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The HCVolume plugin for the Petrel plataform has the objective of optimizing and automating the process of calculation and estimation of the original hydrocarbons volume contained in a reservoir, using for it, employing various methods to better estimate and compare values and results of each one of these, as well as a well-based weighting, while using different areas within each, allowing for a broader view of such an important calculation in the hydrocarbon exploitation.

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  • Integrated within Petrel’s toolbar..
  • Selection of the well or wells to be analyzed.
  • Selection of the layers to be analyzed.
  • Easy data entry to generate the workflow.
  • Setting the properties required for the calculation.
  • Automatic saving of the volumes calculated on that project.
  • Classification of the necessary decision-making areas.
  • Selection of calculation method.
  • Comparation and adjustment module.
  • Allows for the generation of statistics and results





  • Better usability for being integrated into the Petrel platform. The use of the information and calculation engine embedded in the platform allows users for a rapid integration and obtainment of the necessary results.
  • Faster access to previously calculated volumes thanks to records. The management of records of calculations, they allow to establish parameters and points of comparison between wells, areas or results of a project.
  • Selection of multiple wells and classification by zones. Allows the user for a better perspective and classification when making calculations and estimates to calculate volumes.
  • Faster decision making. Due to its features and integration options of several methods for obtaining volume, it allows for tuning and getting results in a faster way.
  • Graphic views and comparisons between the results obtained by various methods. It allows management of multiple charts and view types or visualizations for better decision-making.